​What’s going on, everyone!? Hope you’re having an excellent summer! Today, I’d like to discuss some of our favorite LVT, also called waterproof flooring, colors. We’ll take a look at a couple of finishes from CoreTEC, Mohawk, and Featherweight. Keep in mind, too, that all of these are in-stock options in our store. So, if you’ve been thinking about installing some new floors, there’s no better time than the present! Alright, friends, let’s get started.


CoreTEC LVT Colors

When I was introduced to the technology that is waterproof flooring, CoreTEC was the first brand under my scope. We actually performed a water test experiment, just to eradicate skepticism, ya know? We put a plank in a fish tank filled with water and left it there over the weekend.

Came back on Monday, pulled the plank out, and it was perfect. Mint condition. Even after full submersion in water, the plank kept it’s form. No sign of warping, deterioration, heck, it wasn’t even waterlogged. That’s just a little fun fact about the genetic makeup of LVT, it’s no joke. All right, back to the colors.

blackstone oak lvt coretec

Blackstone Oak

So, the color “greige” is an astronomical trend in home renovation & interior design these days, and I can see the appeal. Gray has always been the go-to neutral in a space for a while, so it seems fitting that an extra blend, in this case a light-brown, would be just as alluring. CoreTEC’s Blackstone Oak exhibits this highly sought after look with expertise. 

Kingswood Oak

Ah, good ole Kingswood Oak. This color is definitely more on the traditional side, but that doesn’t negate its class. It’s a beautiful option for a, say, traditionally styled kitchen, for example. With a gorgeous grain and hints of a lighter brown, Kingswood makes for an excellent choice of LVT. 

Mohawk LVT Colors

You know what else I love about Mohawk’s LVT, besides their color options? The prices. Seriously. You can get waterproof flooring for as low as $1.69/sf. That’s amazing. But as far as my favorite colors, I have to go with this one:

Rockport Gray

I mentioned it earlier: Gray is in, and Mohawk’s Rockport Gray has the perfect, light tone of color. It’s smooth, almost silky, and only $1.89/sf. Just saying. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Walnut Mocha LVT

MohawkWalnutMocha LVT

Gotta love this shade of brown. Whoever gave this piece its name deserves a mocha milkshake cause it’s pretty spot on and pretty on the floor. This will work perfectly in almost any home or with any design style.

Featherweight LVT Colors

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Featherweight’s selection. In my opinion, of the three brands I’ve mentioned, Featherweight’s pieces have the most rustic feel to them. So if you’re going that style, I’d highly suggest looking at this brand first.

Stone Oak

Definitely a grayish hue, but do you see what I mean about it’s old, kinda antiquey approach with the grain? A very positive, yet peculiar guide to this piece, and that’s why it’s one of the best. 


Smoked Hickory LVT

I can’t help but to picture this color in a large, open area. A living room, maybe, or a comfy basement, fit with a monstrous rug that’s cornered between plush furniture. Again, with the old-fashioned, classic kind of look, too.


There ya have it, friends. Some of the best LVT colors that we carry. Don’t forget what I said about prices either. Quality flooring at an extremely decent price! Come visit Builders Surplus today and find all of the best LVT colors for the very best prices around! 


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