Featured: Cambria Countertop Colors

Knockout Cambria Countertop Colors

Cambria just released two new, stunning countertop designs! To celebrate the newcomers in their fabulous collection we’ve decided to share some of our favorite Cambria countertop colors with you! Each of our designers chose their favorite color and why they loved it so much.

Pre-Cambrian History

Believe it or not, Cambria’s founders got their humble beginnings in the late 1930’s by making dairy products and cheese. They grew their dairy business for just over 60 years with great success and in 2000 were presented with the opportunity to buy some quartz processing equipment.

“It just kind of happened.”

Says Marty Davis, the President and CEO of Cambria. They’ve grown the business in the last 14, have been listed at #4 in Entrepreneur’s Hot 500, and have become of the leading manufacturers of man-made quartz surfaces. The short history of Cambria has been as successful and still as humble as it’s beginnings – and it still looks like there’s nothing stopping them!

What is Cambria Quartz

Quartz surfaces are by far some of the most beautiful and easily maintained countertops out there, in my opinion. Quartz is resistant to stains, heat and temperature, scratches and just about anything else you can throw at it. This is because Cambria quartz is made of 93% pure quartz – compare that to your granite countertop which only contains about 40%-60% pure quartz along with other materials that weaken the stone and make it more porous, which makes granite more susceptible to staining and other imperfections. Because Quartz is man-made, Cambria takes extra measures to be sure that you’re getting the best product and that they’re impacting the environment as little as possible. Some of Cambria’s quartz countertops are even made with recycled materials! The Cambria products and even their fabrication facilities have been certified green!
Quartz is also a safe stone to cook and eat on. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Why would my countertop be unsafe to cook on?” Well, because quartz is non-porous it won’t absorb anything that could hold on to harmful bacteria. As well, Cambria Quartz has been certified to have zero emissions and give off no harmful radon by the Air Quality Sciences, Inc.
Taking care of Cambria quartz is incredibly easy. It doesn’t need to be sealed, sanded, or polished periodically; instead you can wipe it down with a soft cloth and mild soap. Do be aware that Cambria or any quartz isn’t proofed against anything – only resistant so do take precaution with some chemical cleaners. For full details on how to care for and maintain your Cambria countertops check out their suggestions on their website.

Cambria Countertop Colors

Now for what we’ve all be waiting for! Cambria releases new colors and designs every so often – they currently have 124 different colors to choose from! So you’re sure to choose your favorite, the one that best matches your mood and style you’re looking for!

The Newcomers


Ella was inspired by the village of Ellastone, it’s lattice pattern of dove-gray lines atop a neutral white background. It,  like its sister design Brittanicca, is reminicant of sandy beaches. It’s a beautiful stone countertop that would be at home in almost any traditional or contemporary setting.

Ella: Cambria Countertop Colors

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Brittanicca mimics the sandy, wave-swept beaches of the United Kingdom. It’s grey and ash colored veins, and charcoal sparkles contrast beautifully on the marble white backdrop. This is certainly a match for the contemporary kitchen or beach-themed bath!

Brittanicca: Knockout Cambria Countertop Colors

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Our Favorites

Working at Builders Surplus we get a peek at all of the Cambria countertop colors! We all have our favorites and have thought about it more than once on how we would design our dream home!


Kat, our marketing assistant, loves the Cambria quartz countertop in Menai. If you remember her blog about the Addams Family inspired home – it’s no wonder she loves this dark quartz, it’s different but still reflects some light in it’s mirrored quartz chips.
Menai: Cambria Countertop Colors


Allie, the director of marketing, likes the lighter, shimmery sister of Menai – Whitney. This has a more fun and clean appearance than it’s sister but it’s reflective white and mirror shimmer is sure to brighten any room by itself.

Whitney: Cambria Countertop Colors

Shop Cambria Quartz: Whitney


Leighanne, our web analyst, her favorite Cambria countertop color is Waterford. Her favorite thing about it is that it complements the light grey colored kitchen trend and it’s different with it’s cobalt blue color and subtle shine.

Waterford: Cambria Countertop Colors

Shop Cambria Quartz: Waterford


Bob, one of our kitchen and bath designers, his favorite was the Seagrove quartz countertop! Among the cream, white, and grey there are mossy green specks that are inspired by the waters of the English Channel and it’s curling waves.
Seagrove: Cambria Countertop Colors


Todd, the owner at Builders Surplus, loves the natural warm colors found in Nevern. What sets it apart for him is the splash of cranberry color. It has a subtle shimmer to it that really makes this Cambria countertop color stand out!
Nevern: Cambria Countertop Colors
Shop all of our Cambria countertop colors and for the full experience be sure to stop by our Louisville or Newport (also serving Cincinnati) Kentucky locations and check out our full selection of the latest Cambria countertop colors and styles and pick your favorite to include in your latest kitchen or bathroom remodel!
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Written By: Kat Flaherty