Their house is a museum, where people come to see ’em, they really are a scream…

Addams Family Inspired Home
You sang it didn’t you? I bet you even snapped your fingers!

Get the Look: Addams Family Inspired Home

Around Halloween we start to see all sorts of horror-driven Halloween re-runs – including everyones favorite freakish family, the Addams Family. And while none of the 1960’s sitcom episodes or 90’s feature films have a focus on their house or home and are more about the focus on their family dynamics that doesn’t mean that great amounts of inspiration have been taken by die-hard fans to create their own Addams family inspired home. Take myself for instance, I was raised watching re-runs of the Addams Family, the Munsters, and even Elvira during the 1990’s and still to this day I say that my future home and family will embody the creepy, cooky, mysterious, and spooky ways of the Addams’.
When working at Builders Surplus you can’t help but look around at all the new styles of products coming in to remodel your home – I’ll admit I’ve thought about it more than several times, what I would put in my dream home. And that’s when it hit me… How would I, as the modern embodiment of Morticia Addams, design my home?


Front Door

Addams Family Inspired Home: Front Door
The front door makes the first impression of ones home. No doubt would it be the same for the modern Addams. This double entry door that we’ve deemed our ‘Infinity Door’ has a painted black finish that even Morticia would have loved!

Interior Doors

Addams Family Inspired Home: Interior Door from AAW Doors
I think the Addams family buys all of their doors from AAW doors. Their Western Door line has forged iron bars and knockers on them. Other doors have beautiful carvings in them.


Wood flooring, or a natural-looking stone tile, I thought, would fit the Addams family more so than laminate. Nothing too pristine. A rough, aged, and textured wood – faded gray in color – with mismatched sized planks.

The Bath


Click the image to see our freestanding tubs.

I can picture it. A clawfoot tub with antiqued nickel finishes, and a big statement furniture vanity and a copper vessel sink! A perfect place to relax and unwind from the day while listening to the howling of wolves before bed.


The Kitchen

I could’t decide on what the Addams’ kitchen would look like. Unlike the bath which we never see in the Addams family home, we do catch a glimpse of the kitchen here or there in the series.

© Tee and Charles Addams Foundation

© Tee and Charles Addams Foundation

While the black and white sitcom seemed to sport a bright looking kitchen the only thing I really like about it are the windows in the cabinets; and I definitely don’t think they would have a white kitchen (In the words of Morticia Addams “Black is such a cheery color”).  Wellborn and Waypoint – our custom lines – as well as Ginger Creek – our in stock cabinet line – offer glass doors for their cabinets.
Dark colored cabinets are always in – for the Addams and the Addams fan it would be about choosing how dark you really wanted to go in here with the finish.

Although the Addams’ were loaded with cash, it was apparent from the comic strips and feature films that they were more concerned with their family lives than with the state of their home. Favorite leaks, squeaky doors. Their house had… charm. So, one couldn’t expect everything to be pristine – adding a rustic touch to cabinets and flooring would make any Addams inspired home more authentic to them. Although, I would forgo any ‘favorite leaks.’
DIY Rustic Shelf

Rustic appearances are easy enough and fun to achieve with a little DIY know-how. Check out our latest DIY video on how to build a rustic door shelf to display your two-headed tortoise, or man-eating plants.

I hope that you’ve gotten some inspiration for your next dark remodel and maybe even include some of the Addams Family values into your space as well! With that I leave you with your own little bit of spooky inspiration information!

Addams Family Inspired Home

Photographed by Richard Fish 1964

The actual set that the Addams Family lived in was pink! How’s that for nightmareish?
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