There are many things that go into purchasing a new granite countertop, such as deciding on the color and choosing between the different granite edges.

When you first sit down with one of our kitchen designers, the first step will be to take measurements of your kitchen, or work off of the measurements that you provide.

If you are completely gutting the kitchen, you will have the flexibility to virtually choose exactly what you want for your space.

After layout, the next step is to decide on the granite color. This is definitely one of the most fun decisions to make. We offer 20 colors in our custom granite line, and 8 colors in our prefabricated granite.

Lastly, you will choose the finishing touch for your countertops; your granite edge profile. The edge is the shape created and the end of the slab that you will come into contact with on a daily basis.

There are a wide variety of edges to choose from, but our Louisville and Newport, Kentucky stores offer a total of 9 different edges. We will discuss the Basic Edge Profiles, Premium Granite Edges, and Unique Granite Edge Profiles. 

Basic Granite Edges:

The four edges shown above & below are some of the most common & are virtually always included at no additional cost, no matter what fabricator you’re using. These are offered free with our custom granite selection.

  • The straight edge is the most basic, with a hard chiseled edge.
  • Beveled edges tend to be more popular in kitchens with traditional décor.
  • The 1/4 and 1/2 bevel is a nice variation on the original bevel that highlights the thickness of the countertop. It allows you to have the decorative edge while still showing the depth of the 3cm stone.

Our granite is 3cm thick, which is the standard width. Anything smaller would be at risk of breaking, and thicker would potentially be overkill and quite costly.


The above example is that of a straight edge, sometimes called the “pencil” edge. This is the most basic edge that you can choose, however, with the right granite, it still looks phenomenal!


The beveled granite edge is quite popular. It adds a touch of geometric flair to any countertop. It is not overly ornate, but does add some visual interest.

1/4 and 1/2 BEVEL EDGE

The 1/2 and 1/4 bevel are very common as well. The bevel is less dramatic and is a more subtle touch to your granite edge. The profile is sleek, without being too chiseled. I see this very often in bathroom granite vanity tops. These both have a shorter pitch, which is the flat edge on the top, and a longer rise, which is the bottom edge pointing down. This is a very sophisticated profile that will work well with all styles from traditional to contemporary.


The eased granite edge is another popular choice. The slight curve adds movement and tames the sharp edges that some dislike. This profile can be seen in many kitchens, old and new. It is simplicity at it’s finest. With the right granite, you simply want to highlight the beauty of the stone, which the eased edge does perfectly.


The 1/4 Radius edge is a variation on the eased edge. Instead of offering the secondary curve on the bottom, it chooses to only arch at the top. It provides all of the benefits and simplicity of the eased edge. The 1/4 Radius edge is a perfect blend of the Eased edge and the Straight edge..


The half bullnose edge adds a greater curve to the room than the 1/4 Radius or the Eased Edge. Of the basic granite edges, this profile shows off the thickness and sturdiness of the slab.


In the 1/4 Round T&B, or Top & Bottom, the profile looks exactly as it sounds. There is a slight curve on the top and bottom of the edge, creating a slightly round, slightly pitched edge that is a favorite among many.

Premium Granite Edges:


The Ogee Edge is one of the most widely known and well loved of all of the premium edges. This granite profile is elegant, decorative, and makes a statement. This granite profile looks perfect with traditional styles and adds fair to rustic decor as well. It can be used in contemporary spaces, but it is not something that you see often. Modern looks tend to opt for the sharper or more straight edges.

This ornate profile adds drama and excitement to your space. Although this granite edge is a premium profile, it is included at no cost in our prefabricated granite, making the value that much higher for our clients.


The Full Round Edge, Also called the Bullnose, is a completely rounded profile. This look works best with traditional, transitional, or the rustic/farmhouse style. Again, curves and contemporary don’t always make the best pair. We offer this edge in many of our prefabricated granite as well, meaning that you are getting low price & high quality and design, which is something that you can rarely find in today’s world.


The Deep Ogee is a variation of the Ogee. It is not one that you see too often, but it definitely makes a statement when it does pop up. The deep swooping edge just screams elegance and high design.


The Inverted Bevel is another one of the premium granite edges you might be interested in. This edge looks very similar to the Knife edge, which we have not listed due to the fact that is is very rare and is not asked for often. However, the uniqueness of this edge can really make your countertops stand out from the rest. In this edge, the steep pitch is going upward instead of downward.

Unique Granite Edges:


Rough or natural granite edges are really something special. This look will work with any style and really highlights the natural beauty and uniqueness of the stone. This is one of my favorite edges of all!


The rope edge is an incredible profile that you don’t see very often. This edge takes real skill to fabricate and a unique home to put it in. A nautical feel is a perfect fit for this type of edge, but it can work well in traditional or even rustic style homes.


The Triple Waterfall edge is slightly more common than the two listed above, but is still considered unique. The three tiers make for a stunning focal point and add interest to your countertops. This ornate style screams elegance and high end quality.

Laminate Countertop Edge Profiles:

Laminate countertop edges are completely different in terms of name, as those that we discuss when dealing with granite or any other solid surface countertop. They names can be quite confusing, actually. The combinations that can be achieved with laminate countertops are endless. They can be just as unique and ornate as those of their solid stone counterparts.

If you have any questions regarding granite edges, laminate edges, granite or granite installation, the team at Builders Surplus is ready and willing to help. We strive for excellence in everything that we do and believe that paying attention to detail is what ultimately sets us apart from our competition. Thank you for reading!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd