Staying within our theme for the Month of June, this blog will be focused on finding perfect grey kitchen color schemes. Grey is THE hot neutral right now. Neutrals are so important in the world of design, because too much bold color can be overwhelming. However, neutrals in the right shade can be bold in the best way. Using a striking neutral such as grey for your kitchen will allow you to create any feel that you want, as long as you choose the right color scheme to compliment the look that you're aiming to achieve. We will take a look at the 6 most popular grey kitchen color schemes, what makes them work, and how you can adjust them slightly to make them your own. Now let's get grey!



6 Best Grey Kitchen Color Schemes:


1. Grey and White

The grey and white color scheme is an obvious choice. White was previously the most popular kitchen neutral in the last year or so, so it’s a natural progression by tying this new hue into the old stand by. Not only that, but grey and white can be complimentary in similar shades or completely contrasting shades. Grey and white kitchens evoke a sense of calm, class and elegance. The images below show how grey and white can be modern, traditional, or farmhouse. Light woods, the pop of hot pink in the flower vase, or oil rubbed bronze make great accent colors. Grey and White - Grey Kitchen Color Schemes How to make it your own: Try using dark grout instead of white with the white subway tile backsplash. It looks AMAZING with grey cabinets. Another of my favorite grey and white kitchen accents is to use brass hardware instead of the traditional chrome or brushed nickel. You can see what I mean from the example below. This is not something you’ll see everyday, which makes it unique and special!   ab8f6288b3602bde08cd85c6ce5415b6    

2. Grey and Blue

The grey and blue kitchen color scheme is definitely one of my favorites! It is not the most popular of grey kitchens, but brings a coastal feel that I haven’t seen in any other color combo. Whether you choose light blue or dark blue, the result is the same: true beauty and elegance. You can use white and wooden accents, gold, brass or oil rubbed bronze. It seems that virtually all finishes look great with these colors!   Grey-and-Blue   How to make it your own: Play with various shades of blue. Because this is not a color scheme that you’ll see in every home, it already will be unique, but finding that perfect shade to mix with whatever grey cabinet color you choose will make this scheme unlike any other! Play up the coastal or country elegant feel.  

3. Grey and Black / Grey on Grey

While this is not my personal favorite, (I’m a HUGE color lover!) there is no debating that these colors create a striking design. The look is very modern, or very traditional. When using grey on grey, mix tones and shades of grey to create depth and distinction. Black against grey creates enough of a contrast on it’s own, but I personally like it better when it’s paired with lighter grey.   Black-Grey - Grey Kitchen Color Schemes   How to make it your own: To make this look really stand out, try mixing brass or gold with black and grey. Most people typically use stainless steel, brushed nickel or chrome finishes in spaces like this, but I think that the contrast is so much bolder with brass! It reminds me of a gorgeous black and gold ensemble.   black-gold-grey kitchen


4. Grey and Yellow

Another one of my favorites is the grey and yellow scheme. It typically feels modern, but I’ve seen some that also feel nostalgic. The cheerful tone of the yellow contrasts nicely with the grey, making it feel playful yet grown up at the same time. Because yellow is such a strong color, you don’t need too much of it to bring the palette into your room. Accent walls or your island are always a nice choice, but I happen to LOVE the yellow cabinets in the image below! Have fun with it!   Grey-and-Yellow - Grey Kitchen Color Scheme   How to make it your own: Play with pattern, and have fun with it! You don’t have to match everything perfectly, in your furniture, tile choices or shade of yellow. This scheme is sure to make you stand out regardless!  

5. Grey and Brown

This is the most unexpected, at least in my opinion. I have always been under the impression that grey and brown do not go together, but my world has been rocked over the last year, finding so many amazing interior design options that include both grey and brown. The brown is virtually almost always in the form of wood, which may contribute to the cohesive feel, as wood tends to compliment everything, I believe. There is a stain for every wood piece, and the stain of that wood can greatly decide how well your grey will go with your brown. Below are some examples of grey and brown done very, very right. This look translates very modern, eclectic, contemporary, with a slight touch of rustic flare. I do believe there is a delicate balance in designing a room with these colors, but not a challenge too great to conquer! Grey-and-Brown Kitchen   How to make it your own: I say, go rustic or go home! Steer a little bit farther from the modern, and mix grey and brown to compliment the natural look. Start with some amazing open shelving, wood countertops, and a reclaimed wood island.   grey and wood kitchen



6. Grey and Red

Red and grey mesh perfectly together. It feels retro, modern and eclectic. I also consider brick to be red (shocker!) which I’ve also included in my grey and red color scheme. Red is such a bold color that a little bit will go a long way. The red brick is slightly more subtle, so you could get away with using a bit more, but I t hink the photos below strike the perfect balance between fun, fresh and uniquely different. Red-and-Grey kitchen color scheme How to make it your own: Find unique pieces that are not just red, but red and special! Take the red fridge above for example. That’s truly unique. It’s the first thing your eyes gravitate towards, because of the color, so you better make sure it’s something worth looking at! The same goes for the red brick. Use it in corners that you’d like to accentuate. Fill those areas with other visually desirable items to increase the aesthetics.   As you can see, there are so many ways to use grey in your home that will be anything but boring, bland or ‘neutral’. Use grey as base to layer different colors, textures, or patterns. The neutrality of the color will work well with virtually anything you throw at it! Get creative!   Happy remodeling!

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