As you know, this is the month of grey, and today we'll be taking a look at the flooring options that best compliment this color scheme. First and foremost, you need to know what TYPE of flooring will work best for your lifestyle. Your choices are tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and specialty materials such as cork. While there are many more flooring options, those are the most prevalent in kitchens today. They each have pros and cons, but your household and lifestyle can help you decide on a good fit. If you have pets who occasionally have accidents - real hardwood may not be for you. It also can take a beating from heavy items being moved around on the surface, so any work area would not be the best idea for hardwood. Most laminate and vinyl choices will be completely waterproof and virtually dent resistant, which is great! Tile is gorgeous, waterproof, and very durable. Cork is almost completely soundproof and is also water resistant. If you want to get more in depth on the pros and cons of real hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring, check out our blog on the topic, here. Your kitchen floor, besides being a practical necessity, is also a major design statement. The floor you choose affects every the way that the other elements of your design will work in the space. The right flooring can pull all the other elements together, but the wrong choice can make your entire room feel disjointed. When you're working with a specific color scheme, as we are for the purpose of this article, your choices can be narrowed down. Below you will find my top recommendations for grey kitchen floor ideas.

Gorgeous Grey Kitchen Floor Ideas

1. Grey Washed Wood

Grey-toned wood is one of my favorite flooring choices, although it does not work with every style. However, it is a perfect compliment to grey kitchen cabinets. Go light or medium, contrasting your cabinetry or complimenting it closely. I think the images below have done a perfect job of coordinating without “matching”. A whitewashed wood flooring would also be a good choice to consider.

Here are some of the options that we offer in the grey-washed wood family. We also have many more options available for special order, or in store.  

2. Dark Hardwood Flooring

Dark wood has been popular for many years, and will probably remain on trend for many more to come. We find that dark hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring helps to make certain elements pop, as well as make your space look bigger. Make sure you stick to browns with a hint of blue, not orange, when pairing these colors. Here are a few examples of dark hardwood and grey done right.

Dark wood creates an elegance that you don’t see in a lot of other flooring styles. Even though it is not too far from the tone of the cabinets, it still contrasts nicely, and the white accents pop much more than they would if these had been lighter floors. Here are some of our dark flooring options that you can use to achieve this look.

3. Light Tile In Earth Tones

Whether you’ve decided on light grey or dark grey cabinets, a light, earth toned tile will compliment them beautifully. The tile can have slight hints of grey, but should be more of a cream or light tan to achieve the right balance. In this look, the floor is not the focal point, but a very nice accent piece. It highlights the cabinetry and allows your decor to blend in easily.

Some of the light tile flooring options that we would recommend are below. The fourth option is a gorgeous wood look tile. This is very much in style right now and would be a great compliment to a grey color scheme.

4. Grey Tile

Now, this is the trickiest option, in my opinion. There is a very fine line between creating a beautiful, monochromatic space, and having everything blend in to each other. I’m not really sure what the exact guidelines are for making grey tile work well. Below are three examples of grey tile gone right.

 In the two on the left, the tile is a very similar shade as the cabinetry. In the two on the right, the herringbone pattern is a good visual separator. But what makes the first kitchen work so well? Simply put,  I would say they have hit the monochromatic nail on the head.

Here are some of our grey tile options. Achieving the brick herringbone pattern is all about tile placement. You don’t necessarily have to buy a herringbone flooring pattern. The hexagon tile below would be another fun flooring option, even though it is most commonly used as a backsplash tile.

5. Light Wood

While we believe that dark floors typically work better than lights when it comes to grey cabinets, there are some definite exceptions. I believe that the key is the style of your room, accent colors and tone of cabinetry. The farmhouse or craftsman style seems to look best with lighter wood floors.

I think that the light countertops, use of white as an accent color, and wooden decor pieces help bring these rooms together beautifully. Find my light wood flooring suggestions below. I think these would work well as they all have a gold undertone and are light enough to not overpower the space.

6. Black and White Checkered Tile

You may find this as an unexpected choice. And you might be right. But in my constant houzzing and pinteresting, I have found that this actually works very well together. You definitely have to have a fun and somewhat eclectic design style, but I think it is a nice way to spice up the room without the need for much decor.

We don’t carry “Black and white checkerboard tile” exactly, but we do offer white or black tile that you can purchase together and install in the checkerboard pattern. The examples below are from Daltile in their Quartz collection. To the left, you have a simple white and black. To the right, add some bling  with crystal flecks to give it more of an extravagant feel!

  What is your favorite flooring that we’ve paired with grey kitchen cabinets? Do you have a combination that we didn’t list? Let us know what it is and your idea could be featured in one of our Grey Kitchen Blogs this month!   Happy Remodeling!    

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