Hi! I’m Allie and I’m here at Builders Surplus. Today, I’m going to show you how to install your own under-mount sink and vanity top on a bathroom vanity. The products that we’re going to be using are:

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Step 1: Add Silicon to Vanity Top

Flip over vanity top so that it lays face down. Be careful, as it can be heavy. You will then fill the caulking gun with the kitchen & bath silicon (can be purchased in either of our locations). You will then apply a bead of silicon to the outer edge of the sink opening. You don’t want to put too much, but do apply a generous amount.
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Step 2: Apply Under Mount Sink

The next step will be to take your under mount sink and lay it face down on the opening that you have just covered in silicon. Do your best to make sure it lines up as evenly as possible. We are going to give it some pressure for just a couple of minutes. This is to let it adhere better to the silicon. *Optional: You may use 2 of the included clamps on opposite ends of the sink for additional support if you do not have 24 hours to let it dry face down. You will need to screw them in the pre-drilled holes securely. If you let it dry for 24 hours, using these clamps are not required.*



Step 3: Secure Faucet to Vanity

Now that you sink is secured to your vanity top, you are ready to attach your faucet. First, you will take the washer and screw off of your faucet. Take bottom of the faucet through the center, pre-drilled hole in your vanity top. You will then take your washer and slide it over top of the brass pole on the bottom of the faucet. Then, take your screw and screw it on to the brass pole as well. You can hand tighten this, or use a wrench, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Now that we have your vanity top and sink fully put together, we will now apply it to the vanity.

Step 4: Apply Vanity Top to Bathroom Vanity

Now that we are ready to adhere the completed vanity top to vanity, you will need to pull out your caulking gun and kitchen & bath silicon. Apply a thick bead of silicon to all 4 sides of the bathroom vanity. Now that we are done preparing the vanity, you will most likely need to find someone to help you get the vanity top on. They can be heavy, and you need to make sure you can lift it high enough that the faucet pipes will clear the back of the bathroom vanity. You will align it as best you can. Let it adhere for 24 hours before moving it again.

There you have it! A perfectly functional bathroom vanity with a new vanity top and under mount sink. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done and run that water with pride! You’re now a DIY Dominator! Check back weekly for more great articles, DIY’s and How-To’s from the Builders Surplus team!

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