Jack and Jill bathrooms are a great option, especially for large families. The idea behind this design is that one bathroom serves two bedrooms while allowing people to come and go as they like. A Jack and Jill bathroom usually includes separate sinks or a double vanity, but the users share the bath, shower and toilet areas. They make sense when private bathrooms for each bedroom are not physically or financially an option.


Jack and Jill bathrooms usually includes separate sinks or double vanities but users share a bath, shower and toilet areas.


Jack and Jill Bathroom SInks
Jack and Jill bathroom collage


 By giving each kid equal access to the bathroom from two different bedrooms, no one is able to lay claim on the bathroom and they are able to have their privacy. You can ensure privacy by putting locks on both doors from the bathroom side and the bedroom side. Since the bathroom can be locked from either side, the bedrooms still remain separate and private. And having those locks mean the bath can be made private as well.


Jack and Jill Bathroom in Cool Blue Theme

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Double Vanities For Jack and Jill Bathrooms

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Jack and Jill bathrooms are one of the best places to let a kid’s imagination go wild. Let each kid customize their area with items that best reflect his or her personality. If they are allowed to create their own space by picking things out or decorating in their style, it will feel more personalized to each of them. They may prefer to choose a theme or favorite character that they love or they may just stick with designs that feature abstract shapes, stripes or polka dots. Tile and backsplash offer many creative ways to add color, pattern and style to a Jack and Jill bathroom, not to mention it’s easy to wipe down and maintain.


Double Vanities in Jack and Jill Bathrooms

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You can make sharing easier by making sure each kid has their own bathroom accessories in addition to having their own sink or vanity. This separate but equal approach presents kids with an opportunity to create their own space and take responsibility for taking care of it.  It is important to create enough space for each kid to have separate storage areas where they can keep their towels, toiletries and belongings apart from one another.


Towel holder suggestions for Jack and Jill Bathroom
One of the first things kids want to establish is what colors they prefer. Kid’s bathrooms tend to be much more colorful with wall paint, wallpaper and even decals to embellish the creative vibe. Bright colors are popular with kids, especially those bold primary colors.


Jack and Jill Double Sink Mounts

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There are also many options to explore for adding decor to the walls of a Jack and Jill bathroom. There are many DIY prints that you can customize and frame that personalize the character of each individual kid. You can also include creative ways to encourage your kids to stay on top of brushing their teeth. One of the best projects I did with my kids was this DIY dinosaur toothbrush holder.


dinosaur toothbrush holder
Be sure to take photos and send them to us if you do decide to create a Jack and Jill bathroom in your home. We would absolutely love to see your work and efforts in designing your home.
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Written By: LeighAnne Turner