As a remodeling and building supply retailer, homeowners are constantly asking us questions before remodeling. We have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions by home or business owners in relation to remodeling. Hopefully in addressing these, we can help you save some time or stress before deciding to start your own remodeling project. If you have any additional questions that we don’t cover in this post, feel free to comment and we will get back to you as quickly as possible! It is our goal to take the pain out of remodeling for all the clients we serve.


Common Questions Before Remodeling:


1. What are the benefits of remodeling my home?

This could seem like a no brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many people are truly curious about what the benefits of remodeling actually are. For about 90% of homeowners, there is something that you don’t LOVE about your house. Whether it is aesthetic, or function, these things effect your mood and daily life. If you’re fond of your neighborhood or location, remodeling will allow you to change these things while staying in the place you love. Location is everything to many people, and if you’re one of them, remodeling could be a good idea for you. School system changes are a big draw back to moving and remodeling can easily solve this problem. Changing outdated trends is an other benefit. Each era has certain looks that eventually go out of style. Update your house to fit the new era. Another benefit is increasing the energy efficiency. New windows and doors are the best way to do this. One of the major benefits of remodeling is the fact that you will increase its value. If you ever should consider, or are considering moving, this is the best way to get top dollar for your home. The increased price that you receive should always be more than you pay for the remodel. In the end, your remodel to be able to help you stay where you are, while being more comfortable, in a more modern, energy efficient setting.
Most Frequently Asked Questions Before Remodeling A Home

2. When is the best time of the year to start remodeling?

There is no cut and dry answer to this question. Everyone is different, and has different deadlines in life, like the birth of a child or a big move. Generally though, people begin to realize that the features in their home are just outdated. You decide that its time for you and your family to start living in the 21st century. That is the first sign of when its time to remodel. Why wait? If you need more space now, you will only continue to need more, not the other way around. If you need a more functional kitchen or appliances, you will only continue to realize more every day that you don’t have what you need. That will definitely effect your mood and quality of life. If you have a floor plan that just isn’t working for you or you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency to increase comfort or save money, make the move. Do it now and you won’t live another day wishing things were different. Some of the biggest times of the year for remodeling tend to be before the holidays when family will be gathering at your home, or during tax season when people have more disposable income. I personally feel that summer is a good time, because if construction is occurring on the inside of my home, I can happily take my leisure time outdoors.

 3. What are the must haves of remodeling?

This is another answer that varies from family to family. You should begin by making s list. First, figure out what room or rooms you need to remodel. Then, write down what is not currently working in the space that you have. What is your wish list? Make sure you note your budget as this will determine a lot of things that you’ll be able to do, or how you’ll be able to do them. Keep in mind that a great remodel can happen on any budget, sometimes you just need to be a bit more creative! Then, do your research. Get the family together and search through Houzz or remodeling magazines. Find the styles that everyone can agree on. You don’t want to choose something too gender specific and create a space that half of your family is not comfortable in. Working with an experienced designer from initial measurements all the way through installation will help assure that you don’t make one of the most common mistakes, like investing a lot of money in planning and designing a project that is way over your budget. We encourage you to set up a free design consultation with one of our interior designers who can help you through this process as well.


4. What is the best way to get started?

In our opinion, the first step is to speak with an interior designer or industry professional. This is a large investment that can take a lot of time and resources, which most of us just don’t have. With the free design services that we offer, there is no excuse not to speak with someone to help you begin. An experienced company and designer will see that you avoid the common mistakes that can come from poor design, an overextended budget, and especially hidden structural issues that may be lurking in your home. It is often a bad idea to do your own initial design and then ask contractors to bid. Companies looking for a quick buck may come in at a lower bid, but will always find ways to cut corners to save money, at your expense. Make sure that you speak to someone who is knowledgeable about the entire process, from start to finish, and you’ll feel comfortable knowing that during the process you are in good hands.
Most Frequently asked questions before remodeling a home

5. What are the best ways to pay for my remodeling project?

This is always at the top of the list when it comes to most important questions before remodeling. Obviously, cash is king. If you can afford to pay for your remodel up front, we will always suggest that. However, there are times that you may not have the money to pay for your project straight out of pocket. In situations where you are selling your house, you may need the remodel to get the money back out of your investment. We completely understand that. At Builders Surplus, we offer several financing options. We work with Wells Fargo and Synchrony Financial (Formerly GE Capital) to provide great finance options for our customers, and will also be working very soon with the high end quartz company, Cambria, who will be offering up to $55,000 in financing for customers purchasing their product. The terms are great and many are same as cash. We also have special financing options on virtually every holiday that give you 18 months with 0% interest. Before starting a job, any contractor or remodeling company will need to have the payment arrangements taken care of, so don’t be caught off guard. Do your research before hand. There are several other financing options that you may want to look into, such as a home equity loan, or second mortgage. We encourage you to please talk to a financial advisor to decide if these options are right for you. If you have any financing questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

6. How do I find a reliable, professional construction manager?

This is a difficult step for many people in the market to remodel. In the past, we would suggest contractors or installers that we have worked with and that we trust. However, we recently branched out to offer full installation options as well. We can professionally install any of the products that we sell, and for the specialty products that you can custom order, we can still suggest the best people available to help you out. These things would include concrete or butcher block countertops or art glass for cabinet doors. However, if you are out of our area, we would suggest that you start by investigating several builders, contractors or remodeling companies. Look for a track record, years in business and reputation. We don’t advise that you do this on a short time frame. The typical research time for someone thinking of remodeling is 3 months, and for good reason. This is a big investment and you should be sure you’re making the right choice. Make sure that they have experience doing what you’re looking for and ask for a portfolio of past work or some past customer references that you can reach out to. It may seem like a lot to go through, but we can guarantee you that it will be well worth the effort. If you have any other questions before remodeling, please reach out to us through the comments or our contact form. We appreciate the time you took to read this and wish you the best in your upcoming remodeling project!
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Written By: Allie Bloyd