These days, the countertop choices are endless. Materials range from laminate, granite, marble and quartz to wood and concrete. We have put together our favorite countertop materials and colors that will go perfectly with gray cabinets in hopes of making your search a little easier!

Our Favorite Countertops for Grey Cabinets

1. Cambrian Black – Quartz by Cambria

A very popular pairing for grey cabinets are black countertops. Whether you choose a light grey or dark grey, black will give you the contrast you need. Below we have picked a gorgeous black from Cambria, which is a quartz product. It is rich in color and has subtle flecks that will give it movement and add that something special to your kitchen or bath. The color is called “Cambrian Black”.

2. Caramel Rhine  – Quartz by Silestone

Our next great pairing for grey cabinets come in another neutral shade – tan. Caramel Rhine by Silestone is a great choice. Grey works surpisingly well with earth tones, and this brightens up the sometimes dark color. It hides dirt, and quartz is EXTREMELY durable and long lasting. You typically will never have to worry about chips, damage, or colors distorting.

3. Milky Way – Quartz by TruQuartz

Milky Way by Truquartz looks like just that – the milky way. It is a gorgeous whitish grey base color, swirled with tans and grey. It will compliment grey cabinets in the best way. This is a very traditional style pairing and will be very cohesive.

4. Azul Platino – Builders Surplus Custom Granite

Azul Platino is a very complex granite, with black, grey, and white flecks, with hints of tan. This countertop gives the most elegant, luxurious feel in my option. It definitely screams high end (but luckily, doesn’t have the hiiiiiigh price tag!).

5. White Zeus – Quartz by Silestone

As we have virtually covered the rest of the neutral colors, it would only be fitting to include a true white. But honestly, there is no way we could leave it out! It is one of the best pairings of countertops for grey cabinets. With white, both the cabinets and countertops pop! It makes a great statement.

6. Custom Countertops: Butcher block or Concrete

The last two on our list are both custom options; butcher block and concrete! They both compliment grey cabinets wonderfully. The concrete gives it a very industrial, modern look, while butcher block gives it a farmhouse or craftsman feel.

If you’re looking for butcher block countertops, visit one of our two locations to get started!

Which countertop is your favorite for grey cabinets? Do you have any favorite color combos that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to visit Builders Surplus in Louisville or Newport Kentucky for all of your countertop needs! Happy Remodeling!

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