In your current or upcoming home renovation project, you may be running dry on wall tile ideas. Wall tile is typically most prominent in bathrooms and kitchens, however they can be used in a variety of spaces, like the laundry room or even on an accent wall! But finding the perfect wall tile ideas can seem like a daunting task, considering their are not just hundreds, but THOUSANDS of options. Not only do they have different colors, patterns, sizes and finishes, they are also made of different materials with a variety of costs. This article hopes to help you navigate through the different wall tile ideas to find what types might be best for you. Hopefully we can eliminate some of the confusion involved when tackling a wall tile project.
*All wall tile ideas featured below can be purchased at Builders Surplus in Louisville or Newport, Kentucky. Daltile is the featured supplier in this post.

Most Popular Wall Tile Ideas:

The most used wall tile choices are made of either ceramic, porcelain or stone. These will be used predominately in bathrooms. They look beautiful and hold up nicely and come in a variety of looks and price ranges. Many types of stone, like marble or limestone, are great to use on shower walls specifically, as long as they’re properly sealed. If so, they will no longer be porous, which means your materials will last as long as possible. A few sub categories include:


Brixton Bath Wall Tile -Ceramic

Aria Ivory Ceramic Wall Tile

Aria Ivory Ceramic Wall Tile

Glazed ceramic: 
These wall tiles come in almost all colors possible and in many patterns and designs. They are typically waterproof, and can be used in wet areas like showers, bathrooms, kitchens and any other area, where you think water can seep in. These are made from clay and glazed. The amount of gloss differentiates the high-gloss, matte glazed and slip resistant glazed tiles. The last variety is shiny, but not slippery, and ideal for bathroom floors.

Identity Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

Identity Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

This type of wall tile is also made from clay. Each tile has different kinds of color pigment, and the appearance is quite vibrant. The characteristic feature of mosaic is that, even when it is chipped, you can see the pigments running through the entire tile. They can be used on walls, as they are, or can be used to form design elements like medallions, or even in small strips in between larger tile to create a unique look (and less grout lines!). You can also use mosaic to cover the borders of the walls or wainscoting. Mosaic is one of my favorite wall tile ideas.
1x2 Silver Harlequin Wall TIle

Glass Horizons Wall Tile - Mosaic

Glass Horizons Wall Tile – Mosaic

This type of tiling material was initially thought to be only for the rich. However, this misconception is slowly changing, and people are using more marble, as it brings elegance and class to any space. They are durable and provide a artistic and aesthetic look to the interiors. With good maintenance, they can stay for many years. There are many colors available in this stone, the most popular one being the white and green.
3x6 Tumbled Marble Wall Tile

Marble Wall Tile First Snow Elegance

Marble Wall Tile First Snow Elegance

These tiles are one of the most contemporary and provide a lot of shimmer to any space. They illuminate the interiors and make the room look bigger. They are available in frosted and bubble glass varieties. Frosted glass tiles are opaque and provide a flat surface to the wall. The bubble glass variety has small air bubbles inside,which adds a design element and character to the external appearance. Glass can come in mosaic, subway tile, and many other styles as well. Glass is a good option for kitchen backsplash or shower/bathtub wall tile.

Aqamarine_4x4 Wall Tile Glass

Aqamarine 4×4 Wall Tile Glass

Aqamarine_4x4 Wall Tile Glass
Unique Patterns in Any Materials:
Looking for unique wall tile ideas? Today, pattern is key. The more unique, the better, and patterned tile is a great way to express your personal style. At Builders Surplus, we offer an extensive collection of patterned tile for you to choose from. Below are two of my favorite options that really bring a lot of personality to a space.

Decorative-Pattern-Sublime Porcelain

Decorative Pattern-Sublime

Stone - Baroque Chenille White

Stone – Baroque Chenille White


Things to Avoid:

When deciding on floor tile vs wall tile, there are a few things to consider. You should steer clear of slick materials, such as high gloss ceramic, on the floor, but it’s a wonderful option for walls. Some types of stone don’t work well in steam showers, and other can break down in wet areas. Typically, stay away from dark limestone in these places.

In Style Tile:

For the most part, all of the above listed materials are in style, it just really depends on the look of your space. White marble has been popular for some time, but I believe it will remain a favorite, as white can always be considered timeless and classic. Glass and mosaics are extremely popular options for kitchen backspashes, as well as for showers or decorative accents, and Reclaimed glass has been a hot trend lately as well.  Patterns with a modern or geometric flare are emerging to become just as popular as their home decor counterparts.
For smaller bathrooms,  it is very much in style (and practical) to use large scale tile. This can make the space feel much more expansive. Continuing the large scale tile on the floor and walls increases this look of space and having your wall tile extend to the ceiling can help you achieve the look as well. It also adds a touch of european elegance, as this has been popular there for some time.

Things to Consider:

When deciding on a shower tile, think smaller. This helps slope the water to the drain appropriately. Mosaics are often used in shower tile for it’s small stature and visually appealing qualities.  Think about you and your lifestyle when selecting tile for any area of the home. If you have pets, avoid white ( on floors or shower walls, if you rinse them there)! If you have kids, steer toward porcelain for the bathroom. It is low maintenance and durable. Also, take not of the architecture and existing colors in your home. Just because you’re drawn to the modern design, it may not fit as perfectly in your rustic style home. Keeping the theme consistent will help promote unity in your decor. Find one element in your home that really attracts you, such as a decorative element or pattern, color, or texture, and use that as a starting point to decide on the other components.

Before you start:

For help on deciding the best products or materials for a space your unsure about, please speak with one of our experienced interior designer at no cost! They will help you plan your space perfectly. Also, make sure you that whomever is installing your tile is experienced. This will ensure that it lasts as long as it is supposed to, and you don’t have water seeping in behind it. We have professional installers at your disposal if you’re not up for the DIY tile project. Tile is a long term commitment, so don’t let price be your main deciding factor. Make sure that you pick something that you’ll be happy to see every day for years and years to come. A thought to keep in mind, is to try to limit 3 different tile types to one space. This could be one for floor, one for your walls, and one for your shower. It could be one on the floor and walls, and a main and accent tile in the shower and tub. The choice is up to you, but this rule of thumb is a design tip that has proven to create a unified look in any style home.
Thanks for reading! For any questions regarding tile products, design or installation, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always here to help. Happy Remodeling!